Hello Friends of Moo La La! We are happy to have secured the Redlands Mall once again for our Fall/Winter event. We are hoping to bring life to the old mall one last time before it is torn down (and then the hunt is on for a new building to host us).

There are a few changes for this season that we wanted to explain. Previously, we had our Consignor & Volunteer Pre Sale in the afternoon/evening for what we called Mommy’s Night Out. We started the evening event 13 sales ago when we had a whopping 80 consignors and (if we were lucky) 75 volunteers. It was a delightful time where we knew most everyones names and faces. But now with growth of our sale over the years, comes the need to extend the time that we are open for that first day. We have grown leaps and bounds and our hearts are so blessed by the love and the support of our consignors, volunteers, and shoppers.

In order to maintain some order and enjoyment of the shopping experience, we have changed our pre sale times for volunteers to 10a, 12pm, and 2pm. The consignors entry time will be at 4pm. The Volunteer & Consignor Pre Sale will remain open until 9pm in order to allow working mamas time to shop. We do know that this impacts a handful of our volunteers that work during the day, and we apologize that we can’t accommodate everyones needs.

Consignors… have you heard about our DROP & GO style drop off? Moo La La is always looking for ways to streamline our process and minimize the amount of time that it takes to participate. SO, we are trying out a new way of bringing in your tagged items. If you are a consignor that DONATES ALL remaining items that do not sell at our event, sign up for a DROP & GO appointment online! At your designated time, you will bring your goodies- tagged and in size order, leave them in our Drop & Go zone, fill out your paperwork, grab your pre sale passes, and you are on your way out the door! Simple, quick. We will inspect your items as usual and donate any items that do not meet Moo La La’s standards.