Become a Consignor

We value our consignors and believe the quality of our sale depends greatly upon those who choose to participate in the sale. We strive to make the entire consignment process simple, efficient, and profitable.


Step 1:

Register As A Consignor

Our week-long events are held in the spring and fall, providing a venue for families to sell their children’s outgrown gear. Consignors set their own prices, tag the items with our easy to use computer system, then drop it off at their scheduled time during that week. Consignors are not required to be at the event to sell their items.

Benefits to Consigning

  • The $15 consignor fee helps to provide the amazing location- along with the huge utility bill ; ), racks, sale equipment, advertising and the work involved in organizing and executing the sale, giving your items more opportunities to be sold to the thousands of shoppers.
  • No need for yard sales, Facebook groups, Craigslist or Ebay…we do the selling for you! Also, there is a larger profit when consigning compared to selling at a yard sale. Items price much higher when being sold through consignment.
  • Consignors that choose not to volunteer at Moo La La Boutique will receive 60% of their sales, consignors volunteering 1 shift earns 65%, 2 or more shifts earn 70%, and consignors that mark “Donate ALL” when printing tags receive an extra 5% of their sales.
  • Don’t forget that consignors and volunteers get to shop early before the public, giving you the best selection on the items your kids need!

1 three hour shift

Entry into Pre Sale: 5 PM

Consignor Percentage 65%

2 three hour shifts

Entry into Pre Sale: 4 PM

Consignor Percentage 70%

3 or more shifts

Entry into Pre Sale: 3 PM

Consignor Percentage 70%

Please read through this entire page prior to registering for the event in order to understand the process. ALL MADE BY MAMA CONSIGNORS MUST CONTACT US PRIOR TO REGISTERING.

If you wish to pay by check, please fill out the Mail In Registration Form and mail it in with your payment.

Now that you are registered, you can login to the system using the button below or the link on the top left of all of the website pages. You can start working with your inventory or adding work shifts.

Step 2:

Prep, Price, & Tag

Lets get your items ready! Utilize our many resources that we have for you to make this process simple! There is a MINIMUM OF 15 ITEMS and MAX OF 250 ITEMS PER CONSIGNOR.

  1. LIST OF ACCEPTED AND NOT ACCEPTED ITEMS– a quick read on what items we are able t sell at Moo La La.
  2. PRODUCT SAFETY page or– ALL consignors are required to check their non-clothing items for safety recalls using our search tool.
  3. PRICING GUIDE– will assist you in pricing your items fairly. Statistically, consignors can anticipate selling 65-70% of their items when they are priced fairly. If your pricing base is too high (or too low), your overall percentage of items sold will reflect this. 25-35% of full retail price is an ideal starting point for pricing for maximizing profit and percentage sold.
  4. ITEM PREPARATION/TAGGING GUIDE to assist you through making your tags using our online system and how to attach tags to items.


Step 3:

Schedule Drop Off & Volunteer Shifts

Login to the computer system (top right button on the website) and choose a drop off appointment that works with your schedule, if you have more than 225 items to check in, please attempt to choose a specified time for 225+ items- this helps to make your drop off appointment smoother.

Moo La La values your time during drop off! Check in will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

If you are late for your appointment by more than 30 minutes, we ask that you drop off your items on Tuesday March 7th from 2-4:30pm. You will be helped first come, first served. We will place your items on the floor as soon as we can (depending on the time and number of volunteers that are available). Please note, your items may be placed on the floor during our restocking time after our first public sale day. Our drop off days are extremely busy and we need to honor the consignors drop off appointments that arrive at their designated time.

Be sure to see if you can help out with any of our volunteer shifts. We need as many people as possible to ensure a great shopping environment. It’s easy, it’s seriously fun- and you get perks!  By VOLUNTEERING your time, you can earn an extra 5-10% of your sales and have the opportunity to shop even earlier at our Mommy’s Night Out Event. A great opportunity to make more Moolah and save some Moolah by shopping early and finding THE best deals Moo La La has to offer! We would love to work alongside of you.

Step 4:

Come Shop!

As a consignor you earn the privilege to shop before the public. So slip some comfy shoes on because you are gonna shop till you drop!

**Volunteers DO NOT get to bring a guest during the early entry shopping times 3pm, 4pm and 5pm. We are rewarding you for the time you gave to Moo La La to shop early! We thank you for understanding. Only 1 pass will be given.

**Consignors shopping the Mommy’s Night Out Pre Sale at the 7pm entry will be given 2 passes only. One pass for you and one pass for a guest/spouse (Must be over 16 years old).


Want to shop even earlier? Check out the VOLUNTEER incentives.

Step 5:

Pick up unsold items and your Moolah!

Pick up is on a first come-first serve basis. It will take approximately 15 minutes. That is the ONLY time that you are able to note any missing items. All remaining items that are not picked up before 6pm will be donated to our designated charity, as outlined in the consignor agreement.

PICK UP IS MONDAY, March 13th from 3pm-6pm

If our designated pick up time does not work for you, please send a friend or relative to retrieve your remaining inventory and your consignor check on your behalf. Note- ALL persons picking up unsold items must verify the account by name, consignor number, and/or telephone number. Sorry, NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.

Any remaining items will be donated PROMPTLY at 6pm, no exceptions.

If you have chosen to DONATE your unsold items, then your job is done. Just sit back and wait for payday! Checks are placed in the mail Tuesday after the sale. You have 90 days to cash your check and checks are only reissued at the sale organizers discretion. Any checks that are lost due to incorrect addresses in the system or misplaced will be charged a $30 reissuing fee due to fees that we incur canceling the previous check.