Item Prep and Tagging Guide

Your Key To A Successful Sale!

The Golden Rule for consignment…
If you wouldn’t buy it yourself, Don’t sell it!

As you prepare your items, BE PICKY! We will be thoroughly inspecting all items at drop off, so make sure you examine each item as if you were a shopper. Spending a little time getting your items ready for the sale will help make you the most MOOLAH. The following guidelines will assist you in your preparation.

How to Enter Your Items Online:

Once you have registered as a consignor you can begin tagging using our online tagging program. It will ask for the following information on each tag:

    1. 036-360x225Category: choose a category from the drop down menu that best describes your item. You can leave this blank if needed.
    2. Size: For clothing, you will chose a size from the drop down menu beneath the category.
    3. Item Description: include a brief description (ie: Janie & Jack, pink polka dot dress, with matching headband).
    4. Price: You set your own prices. Price to sell! Please refer to the PRICING GUIDE.  You must price in .50 and dollar increments.
    5. Discount: check this box if you want your item to be sold at 50% during our half price sale on Sunday (Saturday evening pre sale for Consignors/Volunteers). All items that are marked for donate will be automatically marked for discount to give them the best chance to sell.
    6. Donate: check this box to donate the item if it does not sell. Donated items will be given to our selected charities. WANT TO EARN AN EXTRA 5% OF YOUR SALES? BY CHECKING “DONATE ALL” BEFORE PRINTING YOUR TAGS YOU WILL EARN THE EXTRA PERCENTAGE!
    7. Quantity: this option allows you to quickly produce tags if you have more than one of the exact same item (color, size, etc)
    8. Submit: Finally you will submit and the item will be added to your online inventory. Continue this process until you have added tags for all your items.
    9. Print: When you are ready you can choose to print. Use white cardstock only when printing your tags. Use Normal or Best quality while printing.

Please customize each tag you generate by placing a small stamp or sticker that is identical on the left side of every tag (not needed if you are donating the item). This will assist in the sort process at the end of the sale. Try to make this item unique to help with the accuracy of sorting your merchandise. Items marked for donation do not need this. Make your life easier by doing this PRIOR to cutting the tags!

Returning Consignors Activate Inventory from Last Sale

  • Access your account and click on Work With Consigned Inventory
  • Work with INACTIVE inventory
  • View all unsold/non donated inventory from previous sale
  • Select the items that you would like to sell at the current sale. It is important that you only activate inventory that you are consigning at the current sale.
  • Select make selected inventory ACTIVE for upcoming sale
  • Now all inventory entered from the Previous Sale is active for the current sale. Easy!!
  • Hangers for clothing (wire hangers preferred)
  • Safety pins 1 inch in size or larger for attaching tags to items
  • Clear packing tape for attaching tags to toys, books etc. (no scotch tape)
  • Zip-loc bags for packaging groups of items together
  • White cardstock paper (110 lb paper) for tags
  • Inkjet or laser printer for printing tags
  • Pink Ribbon for BOUTIQUE ITEMS
  • Place all garments on hangers with the hook facing to the left (like a question mark ?) Attach all tags with a safety pin to the upper right front of the garment as you are facing it. Or if you are using a fine-needle tagging gun- be sure that the tag is attached through the seam of the armpit on the right.hangerexample
  • Replace any missing buttons, zip all zippers, sew loose hems, snap snaps, tie all bows and make sure that all garments are presented at their best.
  • Remove all stains and freshly launder garments. Smelly clothes do not sell. An iron and a little starch can work wonders to make an item look like brand new. Click on this link to see Martha’s stain removal tips. Stain Removal PDF
  • Clothing must be hung on plastic or wire hangers. (Wire hangers preferred, adult sized are fine.) Hangers will not be returned to consignors.
  • Clothing tends to sell best as an outfit or set. If your child wore them together, consider selling them together.
  • Pin sets securely together by hanging the shirt first on the hanger. Turn around and pin the second item “back to back” – making sure to catch the hanger with the safety pin. (This allows both pieces to be easily seen)
  • Pin any items to the hanger if they have a tendency to slip off. Items don’t sell well if they are on the floor!
  • Small accessories that go with an outfit, such as tights, socks, belts, and hair bows allow you to increase the selling price. Place these items in a zip-loc bag, secure with packaging tape and pin to the back of the hanger. Please include on the tag description that the item includes accessories.
  • Boutique Items can be identified with tying a pink ribbon around the top of your hanger to maximize your re-sale. See BOUTIQUE ITEMS for more details


  • Take time to clean your equipment! It’s amazing what a toothbrush can do with small crevices. All fabric parts should be freshly washed and reattached. Wipe down all surfaces. Goo Gone and Magic Erasers work well on crayon marks and scuffs.
  • Attach tag to toy with clear packing tape. Place small toys in a zip-loc bag, secure with packaging tape and attach tag to the outside of the bag.
  • Games must have all pieces and boxes must be taped closed with clear packing tape. We only accept NEW IN UNOPENED BOX cardboard puzzles. Wooden puzzles should be packaged to show that all pieces are present.
  • Books can be grouped together or sold separately. Place grouped books in a zip-loc bag, secure the opening of bag with packaging tape and attach tag to outside of the bag. For single books, place the tag on the front cover of the book with packing tape or blue painters tape- easier to remove without tearing.
  • If toys require a battery, make sure it is included. All functions will be checked at time of drop off to ensure a good working condition.



Want to make the most moolah for your equipment? MAKE SURE IT IS CLEAN!!! Strollers and car seats are big sellers but shoppers pass by the items that have not been cleaned up or we simply pull them off the floor. This is a great tutorial on cleaning your stroller.

It is required that you assemble all large items at the time of your drop-off. They will sell quicker when people can see what the item looks like fully assembled. Please arrive early so that the items are assembled prior to your appointment time.

Large items that can’t be carried around while shopping will be given a large item claim ticket provided by Moo La La after it is dropped off. PLEASE BE SURE TO ATTACH THE TAG TO THE ITEM BEFORE DROP OFF.


  • Place small items or groupings of items that belong together in a zip-loc bag with tag attached to outside of the bag with clear packing tape. Make sure that the bag is tightly closed with clear packaging tape (NO SCOTCH TAPE) on opening. We want to make sure no little items get out and get misplaced.
  • Hats can just have the tag pinned directly on, as we hang most on clothesline displays.
  • Shoes must be in pristine condition, free from signs of major wear. Scuffs can be removed from shoes with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. SHOES MUST HAVE NO SCUFFS ON THE TOPS OF THE TOES! Shoppers are super picky with shoes- so bring your best!
  • All shoes should be zip-tied together and tags can be attached to the zip-tie directly using a hold punch or safety pinned.
  • Infant shoes or shoes without laces that cannot be zip-tied together may be placed in zip-loc bags with tag attached to the outside of the bag and bag securely taped shut.


  • Place in a large clear bag (original packaging is preferred) If original package is not available, we recommend the new XL and XXL sized Zip-loc bags (can be found at the dollar store). Attach tag using clear packing tape to the outside of bag and secure shut. Please ensure that these items are in good condition, clean with no stains or holes.
  • Blankets can be placed on a hanger and attached using safety pins, folded and pinned, or placed in ziploc bags.
  • Any fragile items must be packaged safely to keep from breaking during the sale.


If using a tagging gun, there are a couple things to keep in mind!

  • Only use a fine needle tagging gun. This prevents large holes in the article of clothing.
  • Try to tag item through the articles tag, at the collar line, or under the armpit in the seam. 


  • Use safety pins – one inch or larger. No straight pins, staples or tiny gold safety pins. Try to pin the items through seams to prevent unnecessary holes.
  • Zip-Ties may also be used to secure items together.
  • For items packaged in zip-loc bags, seal the bag closed with tape to ensure that the contents of the bag are not removed or spilled out.
  • DO NOT TAPE OVER THE BARCODE ON THE TAG – Even though the tape is clear, it may interfere with the scanner. Make sure your barcodes are crisp and that you can see white in between the black lines.
  • Use “normal” or “best” setting on your printer when printing your tags.
  • Use ONLY white card stock paper to print tags.