Moo La La Boutique Needs You!

Volunteering at Moo La La is FUN! Many moms, dads, & grandparents come out and lend a hand and enjoy themselves while earning PERKS! Volunteers get to shop the event FIRST, have limited wait in line, and get the best deals that MOO has to offer… saving mommies lots of Moolah! (and daddies, too!)

Everyone can lend a hand at Moo La La, and in return you get BENEFITS! Experienced consignment shoppers know the earlier you shop the better the bargains and selection. So give us a few hours and we will give you the best deals that Moo La La has to offer at our Volunteer & Consignor Pre Sale on Wednesday, March 14th and again at our Consignor & Volunteer Discount Day Pre Sale on Saturday, March 17th at 6pm.

**Volunteers DO NOT get to bring a guest during the Volunteer & Consignor Pre Sale early entry shopping times 10am, 12pm and 2pm. We are rewarding you for the time you gave to Moo La La to shop early! We thank you for understanding. Only 1 pass will be given for your entry. Volunteering Consignors may ask for an additional guest pass for the 4pm entry at their drop off appointment. Only one person per pass, no exceptions.

**Consignors who are NOT Volunteering will be shopping the Pre Sale at the 4pm entry and will be given 2 passes only. One pass for you and one pass for a guest/spouse (over 16 years old). Only one person per pass, no exceptions.

1 three hour shift

Entry into Pre Sale: 2 PM

Consignor Percentage 65%

2 three hour shifts

Entry into Pre Sale: 12 PM

Consignor Percentage 70%

3 or more shifts

Entry into Pre Sale:  10 AM

Consignor Percentage 70%

*Please note, if you are NOT a consignor and plan to volunteer, ALL of your shifts must be completed PRIOR to the pre-sale on Wednesday, March 14th 2018.*

ALL VOLUNTEERS AND CONSIGNORS also get entry into the Discount Day Pre Sale on Saturday, March 17th at 6pm! All items marked with a Discount: YES will be 50% off. Once open, they are on a first come, first serve basis.

Already registered as a consignor? You can sign in using your consignor number and password under the consignor login, that way you get the credit for your time.

Volunteer Opportunities

Donation Volunteers- These volunteers donate gift cards or specific items to the sale in exchange for volunteer hours. ONLY ONE DONATION/GIFT CARD SHIFT PER CONSIGNOR so that others may utilize this opportunity. We will remove you from multiple shifts if found to have signed up for more than one.

Drop Off/Check In Workers-  If you have an eye for details and don’t mind looking through clothing, this is the job for you! Check-In Workers inspect merchandise to make sure it meets Moo La La Boutique standards.

Organizers- These are the people that are responsible for hanging clothing on racks and organizing by size and gender. They are also responsible for putting the equipment and toys in their proper places. We love to have people that have a great eye for organization and detail. Helping us to get the sale shopable in rapid timing!

Register Assistants- These volunteers will count merchandise, help to calculate totals, and bag items. Some of these shifts are 5 or 6 hours in length and equivalent to 2 shifts.

Sales Floor Volunteers-Are you a people-person? This may be the job for you! These workers will be responsible for walking the sales floor and helping customers, they are also in charge of customer “go-backs” and keeping the sales floor looking neat and tidy. Great job for mamas wearing their babies.

“The Sort” These are our helpers who are detail-oriented. “The Sort” takes place on Monday, March 19th. All unsold items need to be sorted by consignor # and grouped together for pick up. Accuracy is extremely important during this part of our sale since we need to make sure that the right items get to the right consignor. Sign up to work the Sort on Monday, March 19th. This is a busy shift- not for the faint of heart 😉

Set Up / Break Down / Security / Large Item Runners/Hubby Helpers- Is your hubby handy and helpful? Have your husband volunteer a few hours of his time and you get volunteer credit! There will be opportunities for them to help out with set up on Saturday, breakdown on Sunday evening, and shifts throughout the sale to help with security and helping shoppers with large items.  Sign up your hubby to help with the SET UP shift on Friday, March 9th and/or Saturday March 10th or the BREAK DOWN shift on Monday, March 19th. MEN ONLY PLEASE- there is a lot of heavy lifting.

Spread the Word Advertising Volunteers are a key to our success! If you are able to pass out 250 flyers to local businesses, schools, friends, church groups, etc. then you can earn your volunteer hours early! This is a great option for moms that have a difficult time finding childcare for the three hour shift. Deliver them at your leisure within a 2 week time frame! Contact us for more info or if you would like to volunteer.

Volunteer Etiquette: Our Volunteers are the heartbeat of our sale! We ask that you take your commitment to volunteer seriously. If you cannot make your volunteer shift please remove yourself from our schedule by Friday, March 9th. Since many of our volunteer shifts occur after early shopping has taken place, we must trust that those who have committed to the remaining shifts will follow through on their obligations. If you have to cancel last minute for any reason, please try to find someone to take your place. If you are a “No Call/No Show” for your shift you will only be allowed to sign up for volunteer shifts occurring PRIOR to the Volunteer Pre-Sale at subsequent sales.

Tips for Volunteers:

  • Wear comfortable shoes. You will most likely be standing for your shift and we want you to be comfortable.
  • When you arrive, please sign in to receive credit for your time, put on a Moo La La apron on and ask for directions. Arriving 10 minutes early is appreciated to ease transitions.
  • DO NOT bring children with you to work. There will be lots of setting up and taking down of equipment and we want to keep your children safe.
  • Mothers with small infants are welcome to bring their baby along if they are able to work with them in a sling/carrier. Just let us know that you have a baby in tow when you arrive to volunteer and we will give you a suitable job.


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